So. Um. Yeah. I carelessly predicted a Timbers win on Wednesday night vs. troubled St. Louis only to find out that AC St. Louis's's's's Mike Ambersley would drop a hat trick on Portland and we'd fall apart 3-0.

So I'm not going to to say anything one way or the other about how the Timbers take on Tampa Bay Rowdies tomorrow night in Florida at 4:30 p.m. PST other than yes, there is a game to be played and, yes, it is between the Timbers of Portland and Rowdies of Tampa Bay. Internets & radio.

(But the Timbers better win.)

Also this past Wednesday night, the Timbers lost the Expansion Coin Flip against the Vancouver Whitecaps to determine who first gets to choose in the 2011 SuperDraft (the college amateur pool) or the Expansion Draft (the MLS unprotected player pool). I shall not bemoan losing to fate in this column as I think either draft—as drafts go—is a crapshoot. There's good players to be found in both areas and I predict the Timbers real impact will be made in signing a free agent/designated player. But that's just me.

As for who will be coaching these new-look MLS boys in Green and White, everybody believes it to be John Spencer but the official word from the Timbers front office at the moment is that they will be making an announcement on who the head coach will be in early to mid-August. Want another prediction? Yes? OKAY: The Timbers will be coached by this guy.