First of all, heads up that the CRC expert review panel is the topic on Think Out Loud today. Our coverage here, tune in at 9 AM here.

Okay! On to the news.

“YEAHHHHH!!!!! #PROP8UNCONSTITUTIONAL MOVING FORWARD!!!!!!!!” Ricky Martin and other celebrities react to Prop 8. And their opinions matter more than yours. (Here's some smart analysis, too.)

Naomi Campbell Testifies at War Crimes Trial. See what I mean about celebrities' opinions?

Kill, Baby, Kill! BP's "static kill" on the Gulf oil gusher seems to be working well.

155,000 Homes Destroyed in Pakistan: Floods strands thousands and sound generally terrible.

Net Neutrality Deal: Old foes Verizon and Google strike deal on rules for the internet.

How Do We Make Smart Growth Affordable? How about better mortgage rates for people who live in non-sprawling communities?

Bag the Ban, SF Style: Our yuppie sister city to the south looks to expand its plastic bag ban.

Health Inspectors Shut Down Portland Child's Lemonade Stand: This sounds like a hoax, but apparently there were tears and demands for a $120 license.

Another Oregon Boy Goes Missing: Tired of the Kyron case? A five-year-old disappeared from a campsite on the coast.

Hit and Run Jaguar Driver Sentenced to Four Years: Courts catch up with guy who ran over two Franklin High students in a crosswalk.

Really Sad Death on I-5 Onramp: A 52-year-old man changing his wife's tire is struck and killed by a car.