In my Hall Monitor column this week, I detail how former Portland Business Alliance lobbyist Mike Kuykendall was hired to head up the Portland police's internal affairs division—that means the guy who fought with community and homeless groups over the Sit-Lie ordinance is now in charge of the division that handles citizen complaints against police.

Of no small importance is that Kuykendall and police Chief Mike Reese are members of the same band, The Usual Suspects. Now comes excellent news for people who want to hear the police band in person: They're scheduled to play a gig at the police union annual picnic this Saturday in Oaks Park!

There will be rides! There will be barbecue! There will be the sounds of the ex-business lobbyist jammin' on bass! And because the listing in police newsletter The Rap Sheet doesn't announce any specific time for the concert, there may be hours of awkward waiting! Tickets are $15.

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