The most famous trough in rock and roll?
  • The most famous trough in rock and roll?

By now we assume you have heard that Satyricon is closing. Again.

While it's easy to get caught up in the nostalgia, the myth (Kurt and Courtney totally/maybe boned on the floor there!), and revisionist history (Does no one remember The Icon, the nightclub that sprouted up there following their initial closure in 2003?) that surrounds Portland's most legendary loved/hated punk venue, the downtown institution's final days are upon us. The MacDonald Center purchased the building awhile back, stringing the venue along with partial six month leases that only delayed the inevitable: the construction of an outreach housing center that would shutter Satyricon for good. As far as punk clubs getting crushed under the wheels of progress, this is not CBGBs versus gentrification. It's kind of hard to argue against a shelter.

But in order to shed some light on the venue's demise, it's promising future in a new (yet very familiar) all-age space, and the final show on Halloween, we talked to Satyricon's co-owner and current booker, Jeff Urquhart. Read the interview over at End Hits...