WINNEBAGO MAN Full of love.
  • WINNEBAGO MAN Full of love.

WINNEBAGO MAN A documentary about YouTube sensation Jack Rebney, AKA the angriest, saddest, loneliest man in the world. After Patrick Alan Coleman, that is.

THE OTHER GUYS plays out exactly as one would expect it to—except for the end credits, which are all educational and shit. Hey Adam McKay, just fuckin' make Anchorman 2 already.

STEP UP 3D Shockingly, Steve loved it.

Meanwhile, BEVERLY HILLS COP is at the Laurelhurst, DR. STRANGELOVE is at the Whitsell, LITTLE OTIK is at PSU, MACHOTAILDROP returns to the Clinton, Frodo and Professor Bruttenholm team up in my slash fanfic THE OXFORD MURDERS, and—shit yes—there's a Cort and Fatboy-hosted, Mercury-sponsored screening of JURASSIC PARK tonight at the Bagdad. (If you're inclined to hear me ramble on about dinosaurs, there's an optional podcast commentary for Jurassic Park, too—you can find that here, though I'm utterly bewildered as to why anyone would want to listen to a bunch of movie nerds talking about Spielberg when they could be listening to Jeff Goldblum saying anything at all.)

More, as ever, in Film Shorts and Movie Times. Also, hey, remember when Eddie Murphy used to be awesome?