Having narrowly escaped the harsh immigration laws proposed by Arizona (thanks Judge Susan Bolton!), Americans can't sigh in relief yet. It turns out Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum is pushing for his state to adopt even tougher restrictions than Arizona wanted.

Here's what Florida's proposals would do:

- Police would be required to investigate the immigration status of anyone they stop who is suspected of being in the country illegally (basically anyone they want to hassle).

- Any "suspects" lacking papers would face up to 20 days in jail, after which they would be handed over to immigration officers for deportation.

- Local courts would be able to impose longer sentences and tougher bail conditions on anyone who doesn't have documents in hand.

Wow, what happened to equality and human rights again?

Here's a little background on this Attorney General. It turns out McCollum wants to be elected as governor of Florida this year, which is why he's pushing so hard for a tough right-wing agenda.

McCollum got a lot of press in the past for paying George Rekers close to $100,000 to testify against gay partners being able to adopt children. As a paid witness, Rekers compared gay parents to as many other "undesirable" parents as he could think of, including those speaking a foreign language, those who are suffer a physical handicap...basically any parents who arent white, anglo-saxon, married heterosexuals, who are of course synonymous with drug dealers and terrorists.

We submit the following ENORMOUS quote from Rekers as an example of the fine company McCollum keeps:

"This is not basically different from denying placement in other households with structures that are not in the best interests of children. Fifteen-year-old couples, 90-year-old couples, Thai-language-only speaking couples, blind and deaf parents, households with a pedophilic-behaving adult, households with practicing criminals, households with drug dealers and drug abusers, households with unemployed adults, households that advocate the overthrow of the U.S. government, households with an active terrorist, households with sexually promiscuous unmarried men and women co-habitating and households with homosexually behaving adults all have either inherent instability or inherent disadvantage, stress, and potential harm to placed children.'"

Yeah, sounds like a great new governor guys! Can a federal judge save us from this one in the nick of time?