Yeah, I have a question. Since when did "Blogtown" become "A Billion Idiotic Posts about Scott Pilgrim Town"? I've chosen to remain silent about this subject until now, because people like Alison and Erik have so little joy in their lives—but this whole Scott Pilgrim thing is bullshit. And I'm already tired of it. NO, I HAVEN'T READ IT. Because I'm an adult, and adults don't spend their time reading children's funny books. (Now is not a good time to bring up my Justin Bieber fascination—my head hurts.) Anyway, expect at least another week of squealing nerdgasms about this Scott Pilgrim nonsense on Blogtown, including this video which I'm putting up only because it features Zach Galifianakis (who is not in the Scott Pilgrim movie, because even the cinematic version of this poorly sketched funny book is inept.)
Look for Erik's "blow-jobby review" (his words, not mine) of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World later on today. OOH. CAN'T WAIT.