Here's one way to force people to give up moldy fashion trends: Thai health authorities are warning women to give up wearing the still-popular tight black legging look, because over half of this year's fatalities from dengue were females between the ages of 10 and 24, which is not so coincidentally the age at which the black legging trend is still persisting most prevalently. And trust me, you don't want dengue:

There is no vaccine for dengue, also known as the "bone-breaker disease." It can cause high fever, rashes, blistering headaches and intense joint pain. The most serious form of dengue can cause internal bleeding, liver enlargement and circulatory shut down.

Okay, so in less you're planning a trip to Southeast Asia (and I know some of you are), you probably don't need to worry about dengue specifically. But, if you have any remaining camping trips left on the summer calendar it's important to be able to combat the mosquitoes on every possible front, because in addition to "circulatory shut down" they can make you itch. All over the world. (Also they are mucking around in the poop of all the people pooping in the woods around you and then biting you and you can bet they're not brushing their teeth in between. And sure you can tell yourself that the drunkards at the next campsite are faithfully burying every last late-night deuce but we all know that's not true.) In conclusion: Going camping and/or Thailand? Wear light colored jeans.


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