Obama Border Cop! The Obama administration has deported more people than Bush.

Judge May Let the Gays Marry Today: The judge in the Prop 8 case is supposed to rule today on the stay of his landmark ruling.

Iraq "Not Ready" for Withdrawal: US still plans to get out of Iraq by the end of 2011, but generals say we're not ready.

A World Without Antibiotics: Today's hysterical science report is that antibiotics may stop working in 10 years.

Tour Guantanamo, Get a Scenic View of... Nothing. Journalists tour Gitmo, git to see nothing.

GM Chief Bails Out: After strong quarter, GM's chairman gets out while he's ahead.

Something to Shout About: Skinny jeans on babies?!


Get Outside this Weekend: Meteor shower, y'all.

Gift Card Cloner! Beaverton man plead guilty to stealing $6,000 by "cloning" gift cards.

Taking a Stand Against Urban Renewal: Communities across Oregon are getting critical on urban renewal.