Lists are fucking stupid, and this one is no exception. But it has Portland on it. So we're going to blog about it.

Apparently, according to CNBC (sadly, the "C" does not stand for Cannabis), our humble city is the 6th best "marijuana travel destination." In, like, the whole GODDAMNED WORLD.

Is it a good thing? You be the judge.

"The city is home to America’s first Cannabis Café and one of the biggest State Chapters of NORML," says [High Times' Danny] Danko, noting that "Portland is also hosting this year’s National NORML conference for the first time." Like in Oakland and Denver, marijuana users carrying small portions of marijuana are low priorities for law enforcement, although fines and jail time are possible for a range of offenses, including dealing, possession, and sale of paraphernalia.

The city has a bohemian feel and a robust marijuana culture, and lists several areas where the drug can be easily purchased, including the waterfront area and the "park blocks."

So, yeah, we rule, it seems, because you can buy illegal drugs off the street here. Nice.

Predictably, Amsterdam is No. 1. But the Northwest as a whole is well-represented. Vancouver — the real one, eh! — is No. 2, and Seattle is No. 9, No. 9, No. 9 … And, a quick shootout shout-out (sorry, Freudian slip) to my old hometown, Oakland, home to Oaksterdam University, coming in at No. 3.

Hey, maybe if the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Measure passes this November, bringing sweet, sticky buds to a store near you, we'll move up even higher. Get it? Higher?

(Insert dull chortle here)