This weekend promise to be one ridiculously hot mofo. Chances are you may already have plans, but if you’re looking for something to either beat the heat (or join it… whichever), here are my three humble suggestions:

Go Coastal:

It’s just so very close, with so many damn fine places to camp. If you’re heading out to our State’s fair shores, why not drive through Astoria and have lunch at one of my favorite Oregon breweries: Fort George.

Their pub is gorgeous and cool with a great view of the Columbia. Also, their beers are killer. In fact, why not pick up a growler and take some along with you. Nothing like a soft ocean breeze through a forest of Doug Fir, complimented by a Vortex IPA.

Stay Home:

Okay. Stay with me on this. One of the best ways to deal with the heat is to just give in. Why not grab your copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and read a few chapters while cooking up some fried chicken.

Add some whiskey-laced sweet tea, some watermelon, and maybe a pie, and you’ll have made acquaintances with the heat with the gentility of a man in a seersucker suit tipping his hat to a Southern lady dusted in powder and sweat.

Go to Nostrana:

On Sunday, August 15th, 1-3pm, they’ll be celebrating an infamous Italian horse race called Il Palio by staging races of their own in the Nostrana parking lot. They’ll also have a buffet lunch from the amazing Chef Whims for $25, served on their patio. Bonus: You can have the benefit of unlimited, refreshing Prosecco if you pay $10 more. Ahhh, refreshing. Call Nostrana (234-2427) to reserve.

Okay smarty-pants. You think you’re so smart? What do you suggest?