Thanks to Bieber Believer and Merc film editor Erik Henriksen for this juicy bit of news:
The Justin Bieber 3-D Biopic is moving forward and with a brand new—and non-snooty—director! As you may recall, the Justin movie was originally slated to be directed by Davis Guggenheim, who was behind the helm of Al Gore's pet project An Inconvenient Truth—that is until the news showed up all over the internet at which point he got embarrassed and backed out. (He claimed "scheduling difficulties." Whatever, liar.)
Anyway, according to the following press release, the Bieb bio is back and with a much more accomplished director who's a better fit (if you ask me): Jon M. Chu who directed another movie I reviewed recently and liked, Step Up 3D! WOOT! Here's what Chu has to say about it:

“When I was approached about doing Justin’s film, I jumped at the opportunity to tell a story with honesty and heart. Most people don’t know that his is a true underdog story, and I hope to tell it in a compelling, genuine way, using all source materials available to convey his tale of becoming an icon for this digital age. This is the story of a new voice continuing the tradition of musicians that defined their generation,” said Director Jon M. Chu.

Hear that, "generation"? You have not only been "defined," but Das Bieb is the one who defines you! SO STOP THROWING WATER BOTTLES AT HIM, OKAY??

Justin Bieber's 3D-tarded flick debuts (when else?) on Valentine's Day, 2011! See you there, mothereffers! (Except for former director/loser Davis Guggenheim who can go suck a big dick.) SEE... YOU... THERE!!