Anyone else been stewing in the bubonic juices of sickness lately? My muscles are atrophying. My head is pounding. I haven't seen nary a soul in four days. I've watched two Bret Easton Ellis movies. I've rewatched Twin Peaks season two. I believe you could irrigate two fields of alfalfa with my fever sweat output. I'm a monster. Don't look at me. But please don't stop having fun on my account:

Dante's—Jucifer, 9:30 pm, $10-12
Hawthorne Theatre—Autolux, This Will Destroy You, 9 pm, $13-15, all ages
Holocene—Reporter, Wampire, Soft Metals, 8:30 pm, $3
The Know—XDS, Archers, Astrology, 8 pm
Mississippi Studios—Thrones, SubArachnoid Space, Aranya, 9 pm, $10
Oregon Zoo—The B-52s, 7 pm, $27, all ages
Plan B—Smmr Bmmr: Mayyors, G. Green, Burning Yellows, Woven Bones, The Lamps, Meth Teeth, Myelin Sheaths, Wounded Lion, Therapists, Fist City, Manic Attracts, 6 pm, $12/$28 for the weekend
Roseland—Chromeo, Holy Ghost, Telephoned, Rude Dudes, 8 pm, $20-23, all ages
The Spare Room—Caleb Klauder Band, Woody Pines, 9 pm, $5
Doug Fir—Nneka, Pigeon John, 9 pm, $12-14
Berbati's Pan—Nice Nice, Miracles Club, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, 8 pm, $8, all ages

This is how I feel.
  • This is how I feel.