Metro Councilor Robert Liberty just dropped quite a bomb for a Friday afternoon: He's pulled together a panel to discuss alternatives to the Columbia River Crossing (CRC).

Liberty explains, in a press release, that he "believes it is important to begin a community discussion of some alternatives to the current proposal, in the event it is infeasible." Wowzer. Backers of the new $3.6 billion I-5 bridge have long dismissed the opposition for having no real plan or alternative and now Liberty, who has spoken out frequently against the current bridge plan, is just doing it.

On September 14th at the Portland Building, transit and public space planned Gary Toth, Oregon House Marjority Leader Mary Nolan, long-time Metro transportation planner Keith Lawton and Plaid Pantry CEO Chris Girard (who's anti-CRC) to "not endorse a particular proposal but illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative and its elements."

Exciting! September 14th, Portland Building, 7-9 PM. See you there.

Is it so wrong?
  • Is it so wrong?