After last year's Old Town Block Party wooed 3000 Portlanders downtown for a day of music, vendors, rides, and getting harassed by crackheads on the bus mall—just kidding, there weren't any rides there—and now the all-day festival is coming back for year number two.

This year's party is even bigger and better and will coincide with the return of the Hung Far Low sign (sorry, 82nd Ave). The totally free block party itself will go down in the parking lot across from Backspace/Someday Lounge on August 28 from noon to 10 pm. As far as bands go, you can't beat a lineup of Deelay Ceelay, Joggers, Lovvers, and Mean Jeans. There will also be an Ace Hotel sponsored rummage sale, food carts, and precious precious beer. All proceeds will benefit a bunch of excellent non-profits, Sisters of the Road, Rosehaven, Transition Projects, and PEAR.

End Hits: We'll be throwing an Axe Body Spray-sponsored afterparty at Dirty. See you there, ladies!