In a valiant, freedom-of-the-press move, website WikiLeaks has announced it will publish its remaining 15,000 documents about the Afghan war, despite receiving bullying from the Pentagon not to.

Had a wild Friday night? Be careful about popping too many Tylenol this morning! Researchers are now linking Tylenol with increased risk of asthma.

A boat full of surplus Tamils has landed in Canada to mixed greetings. Canadian officials are worried they might be Tamil Tigers and are trying to figure out what to do with them.

A sobering moment for Buffalo, NY, 8 people were shot — 5 of whom died — outside of a restaurant last night.

And with more doom and gloom (what do you expect, it's the news!) the worst floods in 80 years continue to ravage Pakistan.

If you're sick of Portland's non-summer this year, take hope! This weekend a long-overdue heat wave is finally hitting the city, with temperatures in the upper 90's. But don't worry, it's supposed to drop back down to the mid 80's by mid week and will probably be raining again by next weekend.

Speaking of our non-existent summer, it seems some physicists have figured out why things have been fairly cool lately. It seems the sun goes through sleepy periods too.

Then of course with the flash of higher temperatures comes the increased risk of fires. The Jolly Roger Tavern in SW Portland had to be evacuated yesterday because of an apartment fire above it. Be careful with those frying pans in the heat!

Finally, a 67-year old man sucker-punched a polar bear to stop it from eating him. But just look at those big, sweet eyes....

And in honor of polar bears, their friends and all those wild Friday nights in the North Pole...have a happy Saturday!