I spent this afternoon getting sunburned on scenic SE 92nd and Foster, where OPAL co-director John Ostar took the time to show me a bus stop in need of some help. Just beyond the shadow of the new MAX Green Line and its solar-powered public art, Ostar and I discussed bus stop #13236, which serves the 10, 14 and 71 bus lines but is just a pole in the ground.

"It doesn't have a shelter, it doesn't have a bench, it doesn't have a schedule or even a trash can," noted Ostar. "This should be one of the best bus stops in the system and yet it's one of the worst." The blistering heat beat down, six lanes of cars zipped by, I longed for shade from an overhead shelter.

TriMet is making the pitch on the ballot this fall for a $125 million bond measure to improve bus access for the elderly and disabled, including $25 million to upgrade bus stops. So what do these failing bus stops look like? TriMet spokesperson Mary Fetsch sent over some photos of some of the worst. Try navigating one of these in a wheel chair: