A Caribbean Boeing 737 carrying 131 passengers crashes and breaks into three pieces—and only ONE person dies. Check out the picture!

This Pakistan flood is a major disaster, washing away thousands of towns and villages.

The suspected Craigslist killer is dead of apparent suicide. Is now a good time to note that with Mercury Personals, NO ONE has ever been murdered?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates to retire in 2011, says, "I'm getting too old for this shit!"

The Taliban stones a man and woman to death for having an affair, because they're so morally superior to the West.

Racists rally to support racists and racism at the Arizona/Mexico border.

Bedbugs! There's our story about it, and there's this story that says 40 percent of bedbug problems are in commercial businesses... like Victoria's Secret? Are you sure those are bedbugs?

Today in "Nothing is Still Happening in the Kyron Harmon Case, But We're Going to Write Something... ANYTHING Anyway," nothing is happening. This has bypassed "fucking stupid."

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: 95 today, 90 tomorrow, and a BIG dip on Wednesday to 78 signaling a much cooler end of the week.

And finally, a PUG SWIM MEET. I've got five bucks on the pug floating on its back... wait.