Just in time to distract you from that depressing Scott Pilgrim news, the Official George Lucas-Sanctioned Star Wars Geek Convention the fifth Star Wars Celebration took place in Orlando this weekend! Hooray! (Wait. Depending on your personal levels of nerd bitterness, there's a good chance news from a Star Wars convention could also be depressing. Uh, if that's the case... move along, move along.)

io9 has a summary of the convention's highlights, from Jon Stewart's interview with Lucas (Stewart also scored his own action figure at the convention, pictured to the right), to the announcement that the six Star Wars films are finally coming to Blu-ray (predictably and annoyingly, the original films will only be presented as the oft-mocked special editions, so don't get too excited), to a gallery of fan costumes (for the love of god, please check out the dude dressed up as the rancor trainer). Sadly, io9's write-up mentions neither the bumpin' Hoth Ice Bar

The Hoth Ice Bar is a study in accuracy. In the event there was a bar on Echo Base, this is it. Staffed by attentive bartenders and a roaming wampa, this is the place to unwind, or catch a second wind. Upon entering, the lights are lowered and the temperature is noticeably cooler. There are strategically placed Star Wars-inspired ice sculptures and loud (very loud) music is pumping throughout the room.

—nor the sexy, sexy Star Wars Speed Dating event:

While fans agree on who shot first or whether Jar Jar should have been thrown in carbonite, they can at least find out whether the have the that certain chemistry that brings two hearts together.

I'm not even sure that I understand the construction of that sentence, but I still like it a lot.

Anyway, there was also news on The Force Unleashed II, a game which I'm entirely too excited for, and Verizon's R2-D2 Droid phone, which I'm sure Mercury food writer Patrick Alan Coleman will get just to spite me. Little-known fact! Patrick Alan Coleman likes to go to Star Wars conventions dressed as a rancor trainer.