The Truffle Squirrel Cometh
  • The Truffle Squirrel Cometh
“Pigs love to eat truffles, dogs can smell them from 30 feet away, and a flying squirrel can smell them from the air, glide down and land right on top of one,” Trappe said. “Their aromas don’t always smell good to humans. One Australian truffle species smells like dog feces — the dogs and little marsupials just love that, but it’s not much use for cooking.”

That from Jim Trappe, a researcher from OSU’s Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society, in a story focusing on how global warming may increase the yield of Oregon white truffles.

Couple things:

1. Why are we not using trained flying squirrels to find truffles?
2. When can we expect the Dog Shit truffle to become an outre delicacy among foodies?

Thanks for the informative story OSU! Keep 'em coming!