BlazersEdge has posted this video from Seattle emcees Cali & Cavalli that just so happens to feature the Portland Trail Blazers' resident superstar, Brandon Roy. The blog raises the question "Does It Bother You That Brandon Roy Is In The Same Rap Video As Marijuana?," which will most certainly supply sports talk radio with enough fodder to last days (John Canzano, your high horse is calling). But more disturbing than Roy making an appearance in a video that briefly features a shot of a blunt being rolled (not by him) on a daily Seattle paper—The future of print journalism!—is just how bad "What They Want" is. It's amateurish, clunky, and while I'm no Hype Williams, I'm pretty sure when an emcce boats about being a pimp you shouldn't follow that footage with random shots from a basketball scrimmage.

Seattle hiphop is getting global recognition as of late (thanks to the likes of Shabazz Palaces, Blue Scholars, and Jake One), but I doubt Cali & Cavalli will be sharing that spotlight anytime soon. And while Roy is most definitely not the first NBA player to make a cameo in a rap video—hell even Mark Cuban climbed off his large pile of money and appeared in one—he might be the first to do so while looking absolutely bored out of his skull. Given this city's dubious history of Blazer players and weed, this probably won't be going away anytime soon.

Update 3:15pm:
Brandon Roy responds to the video.