Suicide Bomber Kills 60 in Iraq: Targeting people who were hoping to get jobs in the Iraqi army.

Gays! You Still Can't Marry! California court temporarily stays Prop 8 ruling until judges can hear "more debate."

Everything You Need To Know about the Ground Zero Mosque Debate: All in one New Yorker article.

Well That's Convenient: Fox News' parent company gives $1 million to Republicans.

Private Security Forces: So Last Year. Afghan president Hamid Karzai wants all the Blackwaters, etc, OUT!

Cuba or Bust! US might let citizens travel to Cuba, finally.

Oily Gulf not Fixed Yet: About 80 percent of oil remains in the gooey Gulf Coast.

Oh, and Katrina's Not Done Either: The ecological impact of Hurricane Katrina, five years later.

What's that Joke About "Women Drivers"? NYC study shows men behind the wheel in 80% of serious car crashes.

Dislike the Dislike Button: Tens of thousands fell for Facebook scam.

In Fake Celebrity News:

Winterhawks May Ditch Memorial Coliseum: Antsy about the stalled redevelopment, Winterhawks may change venues, disappointing literally dozens of hockey fans.

HOOOOOOOONNNKKK: Train horns are supposed to go quiet in the Pearl.