In case you haven't been following it, American Apparel has been all over the news for the past couple days as they swirl dangerously around the financial toilet bowl. Gawker, which, with Jezebel, has basically made it their mission to drive Dov Charney out of business, has posted some leaks from the most recent weekly conference call between Charney and his store managers, which one tattler summed up thusly: "Nothing but Dov in complete denial and ranting about mannequins for about 40 minutes." They were also passed a Facebook exchange between employees, who are apparently still being directed to recruit new cult members employees off the street:


Can you imagine life without white-zippered hoodies and cheap metallic leggings? I'm not the biggest fan in theory, but I don't think I want to see this company go. I never got on board the scandal train over their ads, and even if their stores are like the 7-11s of fashion, I will seriously miss having that rainbow of jersey basics to choose from. They may not be the perfect company, but where will we get our American-made (they may not be perfect working conditions, but at least they're theoretically under the jurisdiction of our voting power as opposed to factories in China, Mexico, etc) manties/tights/bodysuits in every imaginable color without them? Not to mention: jobs for young creative people (don't call them hipsters).