Leaving the Northwest paid off. Since, Reggie Watts has been everywhere—on a myriad of TV shows, and of course, opening for Conan O'Brien on the cross country I'm With Coco tour. Watts' rise was met with a recent profile in the NY Times:

Mr. Watts is hopeful that his newfound exposure will help him fulfill his very sincere dream of earning $1 million in the next two years. With these funds, Mr. Watts said, he can pursue his wilder technological ambitions, and have a good excuse for turning down Mr. Eno the next time he calls him for a last-minute performance.

Yeah, that's Brian Eno, one of Watts' new pals and collaborators. But for an evening, Watts is heading back to the NW. He's scheduled to perform a single show at Helium Comedy Club on August 25th. Considering Watts' popularity in Portland before he went and got huge, you might want to get tickets now.


In other comedy news, there are four shows tonight:
- Dantes: Aaron Ross (of the Ed Forman show) performs his one-man comedy show “Al Gore Memorial High School.” Mercury intern Andrew Michaan opens. 8:00PM, $3.
- Tiger Bar: Night of Laughs featuring Tim Hammer, Cody Cooper, the Agnospel Choir, hosted by Dennis Williams. 9:00PM, $5.
- Helium: Portland Comedy Battles. Two comedians go head to head (like a rap battle?). With Cody Cooper, Lance Edwards, Richard Bain, Kyle Harbert, Shane Torres & host, Dylan Kaspzyk. 8:00PM, $5.
- Brody Theater: Open mic. 9:30PM, $3.