Pardon the crowdsourcing, but after we found out about Neutral Uke Hotel—normally I'd explain something about the band here, but their name is pretty self-explanatory—we starting thinking about some other instrument-specific cover bands.

What we have so far:
Black FlagPipe (Black Flag + bagpipes)
Basshoonbastank (Hoobastank + bassoon)
Alicia Keystar (Alicia Keys + Keytar)
Karpsichord (Karp + harpsichord)
Washboard Against (Born Against + washboard)
Oboe Ono (Yoko Ono + oboe)
DigisBrew (Miles Davis + digeridoo)
Flootie & the Blowfish (Hootie and the Blowfish + flute)
Céline AccorDion (Céline Dion + accordions = best band ever!)

Wow, those are all terrible! If you can do better, comment below.

The best comment will get to choose some sort of nominal "prize" from my desk: Blazer bobbleheads from players no longer on the team (Zach Randolph! Martell Webster! Sebastain Telfari!), passes to the Laurelhurst Theater, or an unused PBR toothbrush. Lucky you.

End Hits: Sorry, Bag Team (the all bagpipes Tag Team cover band), you didn't make the cut.