Pink: not just for women anymore (and its ruining our country).
  • Pink: not just for women anymore (and it's ruining our country).
According to a really dumb and poorly argued op-ed in "Philadelphia's Family Newspaper", lots of men in America are slowly becoming women because they wear stylish clothing and let women do what they want when they get pregnant. For a taste of the logic of this woman's ramblings, here is the first paragraph of her piece (emphasis mine):
Despite what feminists might argue, real men don’t wear skinny jeans. Real men also don’t wear V-neck tees, or accessorized scarves, and they avoid purple and pink like the plague. The mere idea of a pedicure or waxing makes a real man nauseous. If a woman hangs out with this kind of girly-man routinely, it’s only because she wants to share his wardrobe and his non-fat caramel macchiato. A woman can’t imagine a man reloading his double barrel shotgun or chopping wood when he’s donned in Donna Karan and drinking an Appletini. Men were meant to wear rugged Wranglers, leather jackets and boots, like they belong in a James Dean movie and not an episode of “Will & Grace.”

I for one am pretty darn mad at all the women of the world who have "slayed the real man by suppressing his desires for adventure, beauty, and competition, his yearning for greatness and excitement." I really yearn to yearn for greatness and excitement, but I just can't bring myself want it because of those damn feminists who keep buying me tighter and tighter pants. God bless Jane Gilvary for showing us the true light. Jane Gilvary: "a freelance writer and a red, white, and blue conservative from the City of Brotherly Love who loves Jesus, Johnny Cash, and the U.S. Constitution." Amen. Via Gawker.