U.S. Marshals helping in the arrest of a man wanted in a Vancouver shooting said they shot him several times this afternoon after he fired on them while trying to escape.

The man was shot by two deputy marshals about 12:15 p.m., said Eric Wahlstrom, a spokesman for the Marshals. Wahlstrom isn't releasing the man's name—or any other details, including his age, ethnicity or residence. The Oregonian, though, says Vancouver cops issued a warrant this morning for a man named Adam Shane Berndt, 23, in connection with a shooting Wednesday morning.

The Marshals along with officers from Vancouver had shown up outside a NE Portland home near 95th and Sandy to arrest the man when, they say, he burst out the front door and fired at them. The man was taken to an undisclosed hospital—his condition is unknown—and the Portland Police Bureau's special enforcement team was called out to help control the scene. A nearby apartment building was evacuated, but no one else was injured.

Vancouver police were looking to to arrest the man on suspicion of attempted murder, Wahlstrom said, after witnesses said he shot a man in Clark County last night. The man also was wanted by Washington corrections officials for dodging parole.

Portland police Lt. Kelli Sheffer said the Portland Police Bureau is investigating this afternoon's shooting and that detectives were out interviewing neighbors and other potential witnesses. Detectives also will interview the two deputy marshals.

Sheffer told me she couldn't immediately recall the last time an outside law enforcement agency shot someone inside Portland.

UPDATE 6:19 PM: Portland police confirm the identity of the man shot by the marshals.

The Portland Police Bureau identified the suspect involved in today's shooting with U.S. Marshal's personnel as 23 year-old Adam Berndt. Berndt was transported to an area hospital and is still in critical but stable condition. There are no other arrests associated with this shooting at this time. Persons inside the residence Berndt exited from were detained until investigators had a chance to speak with them and were then released. The Portland Police Bureau will continue this investigation into the evening.