Not sure if this is news, but apparently the CIA plays dirty. The agency is paying a top aide to Afghan president (and fashion plate) Hamid Karzai, the same aide at the center of a corruption shitstorm in the incredibly troubled country.

Actually, we know CIA meddling isn't news. They thought it was bread poisoning making them vomit and trip. Now these French villagers are pretty sure it was the CIA secretly feeding them LSD.

I had this friend in middle school who used to invite friends to his house after school and then spend the next two hours on his toilet, talking to other friends on the phone. North Korea's Kim Jong Il has done the same thing to Jimmy Carter.

Refugees are surging into Pakistan's already-choked cities, especially its largest burg, Karachi. And now there's concern about ethnic strife that could weaken the government.

State leaders are bracing for the bad news we all heard was coming last week. Revenues could be down by nearly $1 billion. Deep budget cuts, it's true, are inevitable.

This sounds like good news, but it actually isn't. Not really.

A missing alpha male wolf of the Imnaha pack in Wallowa County has been located, apparently photographed with a remote camera. Authorities thought some one shot and buried him. Some more information on what he's been doing, and who whom he was doing it with.

The power of Facebook. A woman caught on security cameras THROWING A LIVE, SWEET CAT INTO A GARBAGE CAN was outed by the cat's caretaker on the Intertubes, and now she needs police protection. Because she's an asshole and now everyone knows it.

Anderson Cooper on CNN is sweating through his tight black T-shirt over this: Craigslist lets you buy creepy sex. Attorneys general (plural like Whoppers Jr.) have asked the newspaper-killing site to kindly cease and desist.

This was out yesterday, but too good to pass up. Sweden wants to abandon the monarchy? EXPLANATION PLEASE!