I wandered through the hordes last night at Last Thursday in search of the "lemonade revolt": donation-only lemonade stands set up in protest of county health inspectors shutting down a little girls' lemonade stand at the event last month. I only saw six stands, but I did run into Michael Franklin, the guy who started the lemonade revolt Facebook page that's attracted nearly 1,000 members. He says the story has gone international ("I had a Brazilian news crew at my house this morning") and are setting up "lemonade revolts" (formerly known as "lemonade stands") as far away as Leeds, England. "I think it gives people a chance to use dissent. It's obvious that there is something profoundly wrong with this sick society, with the absurdity of the state shutting down lemonade stands," says Franklin. Enjoy!


Michael Franklin, revolt founder.
  • Michael Franklin, revolt founder.

Plus, this guy selling kombucha starts. To give the health dept something to really worry about.