Although its existence threatens the livelihood of every music writer, the Discographies Twitter feed is pretty damn funny, rendering us music critics useless 140 characters at a time. Who needs in-depth, prattling, wordy record reviews when you've got all the info you need boiled down to the bare essentials? Some more of our favorites:
Nine Inch Nails: 1 angry; 2 angry & miserable; 3 angry & monotonous; 4 angry & sober; 5 angry & paranoid; 6 not-so-angry & ambient; 7 angry.
David Bowie: 1 the boy who... ; 2-10,14 kooks/spacemen/creeps; 11-13,21 Eno!; 15-19 big hits->bad hair->sad band; 20,22-25 ...fell to earth.
The Who: 1 mods; 2,3 modular; 4 overrated; 5 overplayed; 6 "remember mods?"; 7,8 drunken sods; 9,10 tiresome clods; 11 okay, against odds.
Neil Young: 1 shak(e)y; 2+3 yin/yang of entire career; 4 the hit; 5-7, 14 fucked-up genius; 8-13,20-33 yin/yang variations; 15-19 the ditch.
(Young's 14th album is Trans—I had to look it up. An audacious claim, sure, but I can't say I disagree.)

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