Poorly veiled racial slight?

Hilariously misplaced memetic snafu?

The sexiest amorphous killer blob robot since Robert Patrick squinted hard enough to permanently turn his Euclidean mug into a log splitter?

I don't care. I just do not, can not care.

This trailer — the first for Mega Man Online (a game whose working title manages to convince you that it is definitely a massively multiplayer online game, right before slipping into senility and humming the refrain from "Tubthumping") — contains a Kaiju Yellow Devil!

Yes, yes, fleeing people, exploding city, malevolent robot masters, whatever. Who cares?

We're dealing with a Yellow Devil the size of three James Cromwells! That's a lot of Cromwell!

Unless Mothra's tiny harem of dancing ladies can magic up a functional pause button, we may as well say goodbye to Tokyo Megatokyo Neo Tokyo Toronto!

As if you couldn't already guess, very little information is known about this game.

It's an MMO, Mega Man is in there somewhere (probably acting all mega and shit) and there is that Cromwell damned Yellow Devil smashing into shit and peering around buildings like some kind of drunk, gigantic golden retriever — who, wasn't always evil, but his stupid hipster owners decided to name him "Dog" and he rebelled against such a stupid, mocking name by using their Discover cards to run up a huge bill at the IKEA in Renton.

More on this game as it becomes available. Until then, take the time to give your pets proper names, or you might find yourself the owner of thirty EKTORP sofas and one smug-as-fuck fuzzy companion.