Creativity, at it's core, requires fire. Like real dangerous burn-your-beard-off FIRE. Skating, just like jazz, is an expression of pure human creativity. Finally someone made a skate video that blends skating and lighting shit on fire.

This hot little gem of a video is just one of four entries in TransWorld Skateboarding's Skate & Create contest. You can go vote on the winner, but I'm pretty sure this one killed it. Maybe it's because Spike Jonze was one of the producers? Yeah, that guy who did your favorite move. He does skate videos too!

The skate video Jonze did after the jump turned everyone's world upside down once it came out.

It's slow, but that's the "crazy" thing, the beautiful thing. Watch it full screen if you can.

Fully Flared Intro from Kierian Moss on Vimeo.