Last night at the Hollywood Theatre, the 48-Hour Film Project presented the best selections from this year's competitions. It's been awhile since I attended such an event, and the quality on display was very impressive.

If you're not familiar, the contest is pretty self-explanatory: Entrants are given 48 hours to make a film incorporating three elements: a character (say, "Pete or Pam Peterson, Artist"), a line of dialogue ("I have a surprise for you!"), and a prop (pistachios).

The winners are listed here, and a lot of them can be found on YouTube—but I'd highly recommend attending the encore screening next Thursday, September 2, at the Clinton Street Theater. In the meantime, enjoy this year's "Best Film" winner, the charming western Unwanted.

Next week at the Clinton, you'll be able to catch all the awesome shorts I couldn't find links too, including Dick's In Space by the Opera Cinema Strike Force. (Seriously, you have to see this.)