Pop quiz hotshot: What's the connection between Homestar Runner's Strongbad, Team Fortress 2's Heavy, Tycho from Penny Arcade and Max from the Sam And Max series of adventure games?

If you answered, "I have no idea and that ... that makes me ... so ANGRY!! RAWWWWWRGGGH!! HULK SMASH!" before jumping through a solid pane of glass and running into the woods, you're technically incorrect (but I'm giving you points for creativity).

Everyone else will just have to wait until September 2 to find out what sort of overarching kismet links these dudes together (but I swear, if it's that fucking Beyonder guy again ... just don't get me started on that guy).

I won't even attempt a guess, but my hope is for a Super Smash Bros.-style adventure game. Four player competitive puzzle solving?

I don't have any idea how that would work, but I'd buy a copy.