Mary Volms booking photo
  • Mary Volm's booking photo
City Council candidate Mary Volm, running against who lost her bid to challenge Dan Saltzman this November, was arrested late Friday on suspicion of driving under the influence as well as reckless driving, according to media reports. A Water Bureau security officer called police to report a woman had "fallen off her Vespa scooter... was becoming agitated, and was beginning to start fights with witnesses." Police say that woman was Volm. She's expected in court Monday.

The education of a wartime president. President Barack Obama is the first president in four decades to sweep into office in the midst of a hot war, and the New York Times examines how he's set about finding his way.

For the first time in more than 400 years, Indonesian volcano Mount Sinabung is spouting gas and particulate from its Sinabung-hole. Thousands of people are evacuating.

Come meet "The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party." Frank Rich writes on David and Charles Koch, two libertarian brothers who have spent more than $100 million to quietly pull the strings of supposedly grass-roots right-wing activism. Jane Mayer also introduces us in the most recent New Yorker.

Rich also mentions Rupert Murdoch. Keep that in mind when watching this Fox News report on Glenn Beck's peculiar celebration of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. yesterday afternoon, brought to you by Beck's sponsor clearly impartial employer.

Haven't had enough loathsomeness? There's always Comcast. The cable company that hopes we won't remember who it is if it starts calling itself Xfinity is battling to win back millions in property tax payments from 10 Oregon counties, including Multnomah.

One fewer show about "little people" on cable network TLC. The Hillsboro-based "Little People, Big World" is shutting down. Remember when TLC used to be The Learning Channel? That still applies these days. If you don't mind, that is, learning only about makeovers, little people, pastry preparation, cult-size families, and people so hefty they can't walk.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen owns the Trail Blazers. He also apparently owns everything we take for granted technologically. Allen has filed a lawsuit in which he claims that nearly every super-awesome tech firm he can think of, like Facebook, Google, Apple and eBay, is using technology that's his. The know-how was developed more than a decade ago, he says, at a since-closed lab in Silicon Valley. And because the billionaire isn't wealthy enough, he wants royalties.

More about the gumshoe work that has Paris Hilton staring at a cocaine rap. It wasn't just a really good guess. To celebrate the fine police work, let's celebrate with this gem from 2007: