So this letter came in an envelope addressed to the Willamette Week, but with our street address. Maybe it's intended for both of us. Either way I don't think it's from anyone's "Grama."

Dear WW: You probably won't print this but I feel I have to interject. Young people are correct in having fun while they are young, while they still can, because once your body deteriorates with age, having fun is a find memory. Go for it. However, having fun by turning yourself into the most disgusting mediocre, pathetic caricature of a man or woman possible screams "mentally ill" to everyone else. Come on, we need you. The world is in trouble and doesn't need more flakes. Lighten up. You are alienating everyone who is still mentally well. You may need help from them someday and more importantly they need your help also. Could you please tone down the repulsiveness, get off the free ride, and take a real place of service in the community, instead of the daily most-ridiculous contest that saddens the mature and frightens pets and small children? You really are harming yourself and others instead of trying to help things get better for us all. If you really want to defeat corporate fascism stop announcing brainless conformity to all. I love you. —Grama

Whatever could it mean?