If today's rain hasn't already driven you into a catatonic depression marked by the conviction that you'll probably never have a real summer again, ever, in your whole entire life, and you're still functional enough to absorb information off of a computer screen, good for you! Is it too early to talk about Christmas?

No, but seriously. Crafty Wonderland is already underway in its plans for this year's Super Colossal Holiday Sale (Set for Saturday and Sunday December 11th and 12th), and they're seeking both crafters to apply for participation and volunteers to help out during the (crowded, frantic) weekend. If you do it right (go in with an open mind and not a lot of specific items on your list) this massive event is a good way to check off every name on your list, and for vendors it's an inventory-clearing dream. Oh my god, okay. I'm going to need to book a couple warm-weather vacations this year. I feel as doomed as a patch of 2010 garden tomatoes.