Mission Accomplished: Combat operations in Iraq are done, but gov't warns against “premature victory parades or self-congratulations”.

Eight Foot Tall Piles of Poop: Inspectors find gross violations at salmonella-spreading Iowa egg farms.

Um... Cue Freakout: Republicans have advantage leading into midterm elections.

California May Be First State to Ban the Bag: Go ahead, steal Oregon's "We're the greenest!" crown.

Yikes: Homelessness is up 50 percent in NYC.

Makeover! Obama redoes the Oval Office in kind of a beige Pottery Barn motif.

Sweet New Dinosaur: A Romanian Velociraptor named Balaur bondoc, which means "stocky dragon".

It's the Beer Popsicle: Like a push pop for people who like getting drunk.


Don't Use Your Cell Phone While Driving: Especially if you're driving around with two pounds of pot.

Oregon National Guard Vets Sue War Contractor: Local vets say contractor KBR exposed them to toxic hexavalent chromium.