With State Fairs in full swing across the U.S., the nation's beds are filled with nervous amateur bakers, picklers, and growers, tossing in their sleep with blue ribbon dreams. Will their peach pie take home top honors? Will their tomatoes be big and juicy enough to catch the judge's eye? Will fate bring them a motherly spider with a PR bent to scrawl exciting, web-based catch phrases above their jar of preserves?

If you've ever had aspirations of fair greatness, but haven't wanted to throw yourself into the high-stress and brutality often found in state level food and vegetable competition, Grand Central Bakery is giving you a chance to dip a toe into those turbulent waters. As part of their Grand Central Bakery Fair and Bicycle Rodeo on September 18th, they will be hosting a food makers/growers "Householding" competition.

That means you have a little over two weeks to perfect edible sundries in the following categories:

Fruit Pie - Bake us your tastiest fresh fruit pie. No restrictions on crust, but in our book butter is always better!
Decorated Cake - Show off your artistic skills in this style-meets-taste competition.
Pan Bread - Bring us your fresh-from-the-oven traditional loaf-style bread.
Rustic Bread - Baked free-form on a stone, bring us your best hearth loaf.

Preserving - please bring 2 jars of your competition item. One for tasting and one for display!
Pickles - Sweet, sour, garlicky or spicy...we want it all!
Jam - Mashed, pureed, sliced or small whole fruit - bring us your best jam from local ingredients.
Jelly - For those who prefer just juice, bring us your best jelly from local fruit.
Canned Stone Fruit - Plum, cherry, peach and apricot! Show us how you preserve your summer!

Best of the Backyard
Tastiest Tomato - Bring us 3 of your ripest, juiciest tomatoes from the backyard.
Cornucopia - Bring us 6 - 8 homegrown veggies of different varieties. All veggies are welcome.
Eggs - Bring us one dozen of your backyard eggs. No need to bring the hen.

No word on what prizes will be, but ribbons will definitely be awarded. Find the rules and entry form on Grand Central's website, and prepare to dominate your competition.