Iraq War is Over. Everything is different now, right? Right? Read Obama's "goodbye Iraq" speech.

Next Up: Israel/Palestine. Obama dives headlong into trying to help the countries just get along.

Case Against WikiLeaks Reopened: Sweden reopens the rape case against the WikiLeaks founder.

Baghdad's Juice Shop: Cute story about an Iraqi third-generation juice vendor.

What Will Happen to Pakistan After the Flood. The political situation looks not good.

Protest the Pope! British LGBT folks organize protests of the anti-gay pope.

Worst Cities to Sell Your Home: Including.... Portland, OR!

New Banksy Video OMG!!1! Two news ones, actually, including one about the oil spill!

Homeless Man Gives Up "Dance for Rent" Plan. Portlander Aswad gained internet fame through his dance-for-rent scheme.

Mannix Funding Cut Off! After bankrolling conservative Kevin Mannix's Oregon ballot measures for more than a decade, Loren Parks cuts off funding.

Vancouver Woman in Random Acid Attack: In a truly horrifying crime, a stranger threw acid on the face of a 28-year-old Vancouver woman.