The worst, most confusing logo of all time?
  • The worst, most confusing logo of all time?

Jesus, August was a flash. But we have to look at the bright-side here, and it's that the dawning of September means a new installment of Comedy Is OK, the local monthly showcase led by precious little indie boy-toys Mikey Kampmann and Mercury intern Andrew Michaan.

This month the two young naifs (seriously, Michaan is so young he called my 1st generation iPhone "vintage") are blowing things up. Instead of the usual local showcase, the boys are going regional. What started as a plan to bring a handful of Seattleites blossomed into a west-coast crop including performers from San Francisco and L.A.

Featuring: Solomon Georgio, Paul Merrill, Abbey Jordan (video of Abbey getting her ass waxed at home), Derek Sheen, and Dartanion London (yes that is his name), and, DJ Douggpound (a regular on Tim & Eric). Many of these folks have played Bridgetown in years past, and I remember Derek Sheen's set in particular. Certainly he's on to something about about wishing for gay garage sales:

Derek Sheen (NSFW):

DJ Douggpound

Comedy Is OK - 8:30PM Wednesday, September 1st @ Helium - $5