If you've been reading Blogtown for a while then you are familiar with my love of James Beard, and my dogged argument that his legacy belongs to Portland and not some schmancy-pants get-up in NYC.

But all my cries of "James Beard wouldn't be James Beard if he hadn't grown up amidst the bounty of the Northwest!" can't change the fact the foundation that bears his name is located in New York. It also can't change the fact the foundation's highly acclaimed annual culinary awards have seemed to elude local chefs for the last couple years.

Well, maybe next year will be different. In a nod to the city of his birth, the James Beard Foundation will be announcing the nominees for its 2011 awards right here in Portland on March 21st.

There's a long cold winter between now and then, but maybe one in which local chefs will finally earn top honors, instead of just garnering nominations. Fingers crossed.

For more information on the amazing James Beard, check out this OPB doc.