Red State Feminists:

When male conservative pundits do not understand what female conservative mothers understand about what threatens America, the conservative movement has a real problem. Underscoring our point, Sarah Palin, mother of five and mama grizzly extraordinaire, strongly opposes same-sex marriage and supports a federal ban on same-sex marriage. (Interestingly, Ann Coulter, who is not a mother, had no problem being a headline speaker at Homocon, the gathering of homosexual conservatives, who, among other things, support same-sex marriage.)

Only childless single women support marriage equality. Please make a note of it, lesbian moms.

Many think that marriage is in the first place about procreation. Red State Feminists beg to differ. As we have argued on our website before, the purpose of marriage is to make true, equal, loving partnerships between the two halves of humanity necessary for humanity to continue: men and women. And in establishing those partnerships and in ensuring equality between men and women in those partnerships, marriage ensures that all new human beings will learn from their earliest days how to live in peace, equality, and love with the other half of humanity and will look forward to forming such loving, equal heterosexual partnerships in the future themselves.

Domestic violence, child abuse, incest, divorce—these social ills do not touch the lives of married heterosexuals. All children born to married heterosexuals live in homes where peace, love, and equality reign. That's why every child deserves a mother and a father.

Now it is true that many cultures have perverted marriage, so that in some areas of the world, such as Afghanistan, marriage is more like domestic slavery. But that is the antithesis of what marriage is supposed to produce in a society, and we can condemn those oppressive marriages as being a real perversion of what marriage was meant to be and to do.

RSF's revisionist history is so brazen and transparent that I can't keep the sarcasm up. It's too early.

For the record, RSF: Marriage was "like domestic slavery" for most of its history—and that includes its history in our area of the world. Women were domestic slaves right here in the west, right here in the United States. It wasn't until relatively recently that American women could vote, own property, gain legal custody of their own children, bring rape charges against their husbands, etc., etc., etc. The people of Afghanistan are practicing and preserving "traditional marriage."

If anything it's egalitarian marriage—marriage as the union of two legal equals, the institution of marriage as heterosexuals redefined it, marriage as currently practiced in the United States—that represents a "perversion" of what "marriage was meant to be and to do." It's a happy perversion, a beneficial and just perversion, a perversion in the "serious deviation from what is considered to be orthodox" sense of the term. But it's a perversion nonetheless.

Which means you're perverts too, bitches.