Mayor Sam Adams antagonized someone this week not named John Canzano. As the Oregonian's Maxine Bernstein reports, the mayor and Police Chief Mike Reese have let go all the members of a citizen budget advisory panel that criticized the mayor over his budget plans earlier this year. Some members suggest it's retribution; Adams says he wanted more financial experience. Never mind that that's what the now-departed group actually had.

Remember how much it rained Tuesday? Apparently the hour from 8 pm to 9 pm was Portland's wettest hour ever! (And by "Portland," we mean "Portland International Airport." And by "ever," we mean "only since 1953," when records about useless shit like the wettest hour in our little area were first kept.)

Maybe Florida's would-be Quran burner is a secret Islamist radical. President Obama, the secret Islamist radical we clearly were all bamboozled into electing, adds his voice to the chorus saying a redneck preacher's September 11 stunt will be a "recruitment bonanza for Al-Qaeda." And if this isn't the face of Christianity, then indignant Americans need to remember that 9/11 isn't the face of Islam (especially Muslims who might want to build a certain mosque on certain bullshit "hallowed" ground.)

This will be awkward at the 20-year reunion, if they let him out on a day pass. A onetime Texas high school football player, raised amid all the trappings of bland, middle-class American life, moved to Mexico after a pot bust in the 1990s and rose to become a feared, high-ranking enforcer in a Mexican drug cartel. He is the only American citizen known to have hit such heights.

I want this job. Seriously. A volunteer organization in Houston records people reading Playboy—including the pictures: "Behind her shoulder, down past her arm, you can see her breast peeking out"—for the, um, enjoyment of the legally blind.

They like us, and we like them. Maybe. But the Chinese military grows more and more impressive every year, and now its scientists have perfected something that's positively sci-fi: quantum teleportation. And, no, it doesn't mean Scott Bakula will be wearing a dress in 1963 anytime soon. Oh boy.

The good news is that new unemployment claims have fallen for the first time in a few months. The bad news is that nearly 4.5 million people are still collecting unemployment checks.

Here's a strategy America's gazillionaires should employ.
Fearing they'd be cursed if they passed 'em, senators in Romania voted against a law requiring witches and fortune tellers to produce receipts for tax purposes, and a law that would make them liable for incorrect predictions.

Apple has eased some of the byzantine restrictions that hamstring developers of iPhone and iPad apps, and now some suggest Flash could be making an appearance on the devices. Which is surprising, given Steve Jobs' rather strong feelings about the Adobe program.

He wrote one of the worst songs of the 1990s, in one of the worst years music has known. Yesterday, LFO's Rich Cronin, 35, died after a long battle with leukemia. In his memory, and because this song actually came up on conversation last week, we present "Summer Girls":