In this week’s Last Supper we head on over to the Pearl to dip our taste buds into the lukewarm menu of Irving Street Kitchen. I say “lukewarm” because while the simpler small plates are pretty damn good, the entrees falter, leaving the diner with an uneven experience and dashed expectations.

But that’s not what I want to talk about with you, Blogtownies. No. In fact, more than anything, I’d like to seek your opinion on a question I wrestled with while writing this week's column: When are a restaurant’s clientele fair game for a review?

If you’ve read this week’s food section, you’ve no doubt noticed I spill considerable verbiage on a certain subset of Irving Street's customers—that is, those more interested in cocktails (or cock, or tail) than food.

While this group of young Pearlites are likely a hold-over from what I understand was the incredibly meat-markety Bay 13, which occupied the space before Irving Street Kitchen, they certainly aren’t the sum total of its patrons.

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That being said, arrive at the joint on a weekend night, or a First Thursday, and the presence of the done-up, shiny, hordes will go a long way in defining your experience at the restaurant. Of course the same can be said for some of the more aggressively hipster-populated restaurants on the East Side as well.

Is it fair to talk about a restaurant's clientele, considering the restaurateur often has little or no control over who comes in? I know you’ve got an opinion; drop it in the comments, below!