Another week, another Mercury music section to read while you hear the scholarly thoughts on the Ground Zero mosque from the author of such classic songs as "Dick Almighty" and "Baby Baby Please (Just A Little More Head)."

The National class up the joint. Now tuck in your damn shirt and sit up straight.

The National - "Bloodbuzz Ohio"

Night after night, and usually multiple times in a single evening, Big Freedia makes the party go pop. Freedia also gives copy editors fits when attempting to determine which gender to credit. We used "she," the Gray Lady did not.

Big Freedia - "Gin In My System"

The Thermals calm down and look inward for Personal Life. There are plenty of references to a life being changed on this record. Hmmm, looks like someone discovered the awesome power of Scientology.

The Thermals - "You Changed My Life"

The greatest thing to happen to stoners since the invention of the Volcano forced-air Vaporizer (close second: Cool Ranch Doritos), Sleep has returned to play Holy Mountain in its entirety.

Sleep - "Dragonaut"

Speaking of weed, Wiz Khalifa rolls more joints, then rolls back into town. Between this show and Sleep, local pot dealers are about to have a banner week.

Wiz Khalifa - "In The Cut"

This here's the Gories from Detroit, hot off the press. The legendary garage icons are back and ready to make it move. This show is going to be crazy.

The Gories - "Hey, Hey We're The Gories"

Sam Amidon does folk music right. Well, right up until that moment where he decided to cover R.Kelly.

Sam Amidon - "Pretty Fair Damsel"

We got ten minutes with Rufus Wainwright. We used our time to play Seven Minutes in Heaven with him, then awkwardly discuss about what just happened in the closet.

Rufus Wainwright - "Old Whore's Diet" (Featuring Antony)

End Hits: When Luther Campbell speaks, we listen.