The plan this morning wasn't to keep following Vancouver Voice blogger Marcus Griffith's ongoing crusade for more details about Bethany Storro's horrifying account of having acid randomly thrown at her by a passer-by. But then developments turned adequately strange.

Apparently, only hours after yesterday's Voice post, in which Griffith raised (admittedly very speculative) questions about what witnesses might have seen and heard, whoever administers Storro's Facebook page fired off one status update that said Storro wouldn't comment, followed by another that said her eagerly anticipated interview with Oprah next week has been canceled.

I'd link to the page, but it apparently went down sometime after I was on it this morning. Even a Google cache search wouldn't bring it up. Maybe it'll come back. But good thing I took a screen shot:


A writer for the Seattle edition of has now written about Griffith's initial story (which he's followed today with a slightly over-the-top "analysis" of the splash patterns on Storro's face), but we'll see if anyone else starts airing it now that Storro won't be on national TV. Even if it was because she couldn't talk as much as she wanted to about Jesus.

Is all of this still oh-so-iffy? Damn right. But it's interestingly iffy.

Keep reading to see screen grabs of comments about Griffith's story on another Facebook page, "Send hugs to Bethany Storro." They ain't kind.