There's actual good news this morning, you guys!

The Military Just Got TOLD! Federal judge rules that don't ask, don't tell violates the rights of gay service members.

Hello, Freedom Tower! Check out how Ground Zero is being rebuilt.

Terror: Still Not Dead. Terrorism expert says terror threats are harder to identify now than ever.

Surprise! Threat of Koran burning touches violent protests in Afghanistan—10,000 people rallied at a NATO base, throwing stones at European soldiers, which opened fire.

Um... Progress! Kansas high school lifts its ban on disabled students appearing on the homecoming court.

Green Building Greed: Critics say LEED certification isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Murakami at Versailles: Best. Art. Fight. Ever. Actual quote from critics, "The little boy with pointed genitals whose jet of sperm forms a lasso, the big-breasted little girl whose jet of milk forms a skipping rope have no place in the royal chambers."


Crazy Suburb Firestorm in CA: A Pacific Gas and Electric gas line goes up in flames, torching homes and killing four in San Bruno.

My Favorite Author Ever is BACK! The pair that created The Phantom Tollbooth are writing a new book! It's called The Odious Ogre which, I'll admit, does not sound so promising.

Facebook Kicks Off Rev. Chuck Currie! Local social justice activist Chuck Currie put up a page protesting the Koran-burning and found his Facebook privileges temporarily revoked.

Good Job, Neighbors! NE neighbors rescue a woman from her burning home.