Green Line as an infant
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  • Green Line as an infant
Tri Met's MAX Green Line will turn one year old this Sunday the 12th! TriMet are proud parents parents, but will keep celebrations low key this year (the posh kick-off party last year involved foie gras fig newtons and another featuring a green line dance crew).

"There's no party," TriMet spokesperson Mary Fetch says. "We'll just have a sign at the end of the line saying 'Thank you riders!'." Ridership has grown a little but over the past year—the Green Line started off with 17,000 weekday trips when it first opened and was up to 19,000 in June.

The $575 million rail line connecting downtown to Clackamas was 30 years in the making, but investing in high capital light rail project brought criticism on opening day and now about prioritizing rail over cheaper bus service.

So, after one year to try it out, how's the line been? Worth the cost?