YAWN. Last night's episode was boring. Needs more drama. Needs more Gretchen. However! I did enjoy seeing Michale Kors' obvious delight to have been brought in to sub for Tim Gunn in the workroom on this special challenge dedicated to Michael's favorite thing in the whole entire wide world universe: RESORT WEAR. I'm pretty sure he took a whole fistful of happy pills before strolling in to critique the designers' works in progress. Poor dear was probably afraid they'd attack him without Klum around to back him up. Also, I'm so sad about who lost. I'll have what Michael's having. Also, Ivy: Rrrrrooowwwwwrr.

OMG, internets! The PR finalists showed at New York Fashion Week yesterday. Place yer bets. Here's Gretchen introducing her collection, photos of which you can see here:


I like to play along and watch the show without examining the fashion week photos more than I can avoid, so I won't offer too much analysis on Gretchen's collection. But, my first impression—and mind you, I didn't look at photos from anyone else's—is that it's not a winning collection. It lacked oomph. But back to the show:

You guys, that was so fucked up. Not Casanova! Noooooo! The show just got another 25% less interesting. He has the best lines! Mondo and Michael D just aren't capable of taking up that slack. He handled it very gracefully:

Speaking of Mondo, he started out freaking after being paired with Michael C, but ended up being his goodwill ambassador. Michael C can sew? Who knew! Now, does anyone else have a really strong negative response to guest judge Kristen Bell? I hate her with an unexpected vehemence and I'm not sure why. This does not clear anything up other than the fact that I disagree with her and the judges' praising of April's goth-gone-beaching ensemble. I actually like the unusual neckline, but I'm completely over it from the nipples down. I was not sad to see the babydoll/lingerie craze of the early '90s fade away, and I'm in no hurry to see them make a comeback:

It's completely absurd that she won the challenge over Andy:


Here's Gretchen gabbing in the workroom with Michael about "falling out a little" and "a whole lot of bordeaux."

I wasn't a huge fan of the top of her jumpsuit (so many jumpsuits) but the pants came out looking cool. Gretchen's take: "IT'S PERFECT.":

Speaking of Gretchen, if you haven't you should check out Tim's Facebook page video blog of episodes four and five. Sounds to me like there's more Gretchen-y drama to come.